Coda Systems Ltd – Halstead Essex

Coda Systems Ltd
Oak Road Little Maplestead, Halstead Essex
CO9 2RT United Kingdom

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Coda Systems Ltd is a family owned and run mail order stockist/distributor of specialist spring contact test probes, interfacing components, bench top test jigs and test jig parts.

Spring contact test probes

We stock a huge range of these spring loaded components which are used widely in the electronics production industry for a wide variety of testing applications such as:

PCB testing
Component test
Wiring harness test
Sub assembly test
Semiconductor test
Substrates test

Interfacing Components

A large range of battery contacts/spring contacts for use in many applications where a spring loaded interface is required such as:

Chargers for battery operated equipment ie) mobile phone/mobile internet device
Laptop docking stations

Bench top test jigs

Robust, easily customized, standalone kits for testing a variety of PCBs such as those containing conventional and surface mount circuitry. There are three versions – basic hinged-top, cam operated pusher plate or advanced cam-operated gate with fully adjustable pusher-fingers.

Typical examples of their usage are:

Repair and calibration stations.
Low to medium volume testing of PCBs – such as power supplies and control boards.
Functional testing and alignment of modules & sub-assemblies.
Probing of both sides of the PCB is possible.

Test Jig Parts

Essential components for jig builders and customisers such as guide plates, latches and tooling pins. You can also build your own jig with our test boxes. It comprises a pan and a hinged probe plate which allows you to construct a simple but effective bench-top test station. It is available in two sizes and has a 65mm deep pan which allows room for any supporting electronics, power supply and wiring.

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