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Fox Heat Exchangers
14 Roseacre, Oxted Surrey
RH8 9BE United Kingdom

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Replacement Of Air Cooled Condenser Coils

We supply and install replacement condenser coils for virtually any machine offering probably the widest combination of tube size, pitch and materials of any supplier. We are able to offer alternative construction and materials to enhance service life.

Heavy Duty Condenser Coils

Are you frustrated by repeated tube failures in OEM condenser coils? By investment in tooling we are now able to offer replacement coils using heavy wall, high efficiency rifled tubes offering between 53 and 60% heavier wall than the standard product. This together with the various options on fin and platework material, enables us to offer an exceedingly durable and cost effective coil.

Retubing Of Shell And Tube Evaporators And Condensers

Retubing to OEMs Procedures where applicable and including the supply of replacement tubes. Both pneumatic and electric tube pulling and torque controlled expanding equipment are available to suit vessel size and site conditions. Tube plugs in all popular sizes are held in stock for emergency repairs prior to retubing.

Evaporator Tubes

We now hold in stock approximately 2 tons each of 3/8′ and 1/2′ OEM specification high efficiency rifled copper tubes. This enables us to offer a high speed, high value retubing service for several brands of refrigeration evaporators.

Building Services (Heating and Air Conditioning)

Heating and Cooling Coil Repair and replacement
Dry Cooler Repair and Replacement
Retubing and Replacement of Calorifier Tube Nests
Demountable Steam Coils
Retubing of Modular Boiler Elements

Ancillary Services

Tube Plates and Baffles
Eddy Current Testing
Coded Welding and Ultra Sonic Testing
Shot Blasting and Descaling
Chemical Cleaning and Pressure Jetting
Pipework Insulation and Trace Heating
Plate Heat Exchangers

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