GID-Quantor – Haywards Heath West Sussex

London Road, Haywards Heath West Sussex
RH17 5PX United Kingdom

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FAST SILENT CUBE – Long-term data archiving with 'Zero' power
Certified long-term data archiving with 'Zero' Power hard disk storage
Silent Cubes by FAST LTA are the modern hard disk-based solution for revision-safe, long-term storage of digital data. The system offers an execeptionally secure alternative to conventional disk, magnetic tape, and optical media storage. It's ‘Zero' Power technology makes Silent Cubes exceptionally energy-efficient and yet still gives users the advantages of hard disk storage, high speed de-duplicating and full scalability.

Designed for Today's Ever Increasing Data Volumes
Today, the ever increasing digitization, the virtually exploding volumes of data and ever more legal stipulations calling for higher and higher data security, all pose big management challenges. Silent Cubes is more secure than a fully mirrored RAID-6 configuration and offers IT Management a very different, lower cost, non-proprietary solution with which to meet these challenges and at the same time reduce both their energy usage and carbon footprint.

There are already hundreds of installations of Silent Cubes in daily use in mainland Europe within the Private and Public business sectors. General applications include Document, Content and Records Management, CAD, Multi-media and Broadcast recordings, as well as for long-term security of E-mail archives. Within both Central and Local government, specific applications include: building control, child/youth welfare, driver licenses, environmental protection, food safety, land registry services, etc. In addition, more than 60 hospitals use Silent Cubes with PACS and patient records, including associated e-mail records.

Silent Cubes is Certified as Compliant for revision-safe storage and integrates quickly and seamlessly with existing applications. Each storage Cube module, smaller than a cubic foot, can store 2, 4, 8 or 16 fully useable Terabytes. The system is fully scaleable to multiple Petabyte capacities and allows for automatic asynchronous data replication. The system's in-built quadruple data redundancy and its ‘zero' power usage means that No Back-Ups of data are required to be made and No Air-Conditioning is necessary; giving users up to 93 % savings in both energy usage and carbon footprint.

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