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Sound Planning Ltd.
Farnham, Farnham Surrey
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Sound Planning is a team of noise consultants and acoustic engineers specialising in environmental and industrial noise assessments for local planning authorities (LPA's).

Each noise assessment will be undertaken by fully qualified acoustic engineers; adhering to the relevant British Standard or guidance from the Local Planning Authority i.e. PPG24, BS 4142, BS 5228 etc.

Sound Planning issues a comprehensive acoustic report, analysing any environmental noise problem and formulating a viable noise mitigation strategy when required.

Noise Assessments & Noise Monitoring:

Sound Planning conducts the following type of noise assessment:

– PPG24 (Planning Policy Guidance 24) – Dwellings brought to noise.
– BS 4142 – Rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas.

– BS 5228 – Noise and vibration control on construction and open sites.
– BS 6472 – Guide to evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings

Noise at work – The Control of Noise at Work Regulations.
Entertainment Noise – Noise from Pubs, Clubs and Events.
Part E Noise Tests – Internal Noise Tests for Building Control.

Sound Planning uses Type 1 UKAS calibrated sound level meters (one third octave analysis capability) for noise assessments.

Sound Planning engineers calibrate SLM's in the 'field' before and after each noise assessment.

Noise Control Strategies:

The control of excessive noise levels requires an appropriate noise mitigation strategy, strategies include noise control products such as Rectangular and Circular Duct Attenuators, Bend Attenuators, Cross Talk Attenuators, Acoustic Louvres, Acoustic Enclosures and Barriers.

Sound Planning designs the product according to dB(A), NR or NC requirements. Design services assess HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems in terms of existing attenuation and attenuation requirements to meet specified noise levels. Sound Planning can provide the insertion losses or standard reduction indexes as well as pressure drops created as a result of installation (air flow data will be required).

Additional Services:

Legionella Risk Assessments:

Sound Planning can also provide Legionella Control, Prevention and Risk Assessments; offering expertise on legionella and legionnaires disease risk managment.


Sound Planning predominantly covers London and the South East of England, however noise consultancy (noise assessment) rates are competitive throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

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