Vapor-Tek Ltd – Bolton Lancashire

Vapor-Tek Ltd
Fairclough Street, Bolton Lancashire
BL3 2AF United Kingdom

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Our anti-rust, corrosion and rust inhibitors include solvent deposited thin films for the prevention of corrosion and protection of metal parts and equipment during storage, transportation and export. Vapor-Tek Limited are a UK based company who also specialises in volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs), also referred to as vapour phase inhibitors (VPIs). Our product range includes: Steelgard Export Steelgard GP (General Purpose) Steelgard 521 Steelgard TD Steelgard Universal Aquavap Aquatest MP VCI/VPI Paper Steelgard VOC-Free Steelgard RP Grease Vaporol Vapour phase corrosion inhibitors are rust inhibitors designed to protect against rust on the inside of such items as engines, gearboxes, fuel tanks, packaged metal parts and other areas where there would be difficulty in coating the surfaces due to inaccessibility (eg. pipework, pumps, compressors, etc). The VCIs and VPIs are available in the form of VPI oils, VCI paper and water-based vapour space rust and corrosion inhibitors. We have both the products and the qualified staff to solve your rust and corrosion problems. With rust inhibitors and corrosion prevention our specialised subjects, we really do know our subject – inside out. Click on our Trade Link for more Information

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