Active Load Ltd.
28 Folly Green Woodcote, Reading Berkshire
RG8 0ND United Kingdom

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Here at Active Load Ltd. we provide the complete transducer solution.

This includes designing and manufacturing strain gauge transducers.
Strain gauge transducers are designed to be Load Cells, Force Sensors, Torque Sensors, Pressure Transducers and any other strain related product.

We will incorporate the strain gauge cells with a strain gauge amplifier to achieve an enhanced signal.

Many of our strain gauge load cells are designed to be in the form of load monitoring pins to measure rope tension.

Other forms taken are as load monitoring links and compressive load cell.

All of Active Load products are based on strain gauge transducers, our products include:

Load Cells.
Force Sensors
Torque Sensors
Pressure Sensors

And more.

The strain gauge transducers are designed for the environment in which they are to be employed which can be very harsh, this can include sub-sea and if required for hazardous areas.

Active Load has experience of strain gauge transducer applications in many industries, some of which include:

Oil & Gas

Custom products are also available.

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