Hartle IGE Ltd
St Pauls Trading Estate Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge Cheshire
SK15 2QF United Kingdom

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Here at Hartle IGE Ltd we specialise in the supply of quality and of innovative solutions for the industrial workplace.

Since the company started in 1886 we have a rich heritage built on a reputation of being one of industry leaders with the highest technical standards.  We supply for a wide range of work settings including: factories, garages, warehouses or workshops. Our comprehensive range of products includes well known UK and international brands.

Our product range includes:

Barrel Taps & Valves
Barrel Vents, Openers & Adaptors
Bench Punches & Notching Machines
Drip Trays & Drain Pans
Drum Handling
Flowmeters, Filters & Gravity Feed Kit
Flypress & Flypress Bolster Outfits
Flypress Tooling
Fuel Cans & Test Measures
Fuel Retrievers
Garage & Industrial Equipment & Tools
Gas Cylinder Storage & Handling Equipment
Grease Equipment
Hose & Cable Reels
Jerry Cans & Drums
Material Handling Trolleys
Measures & Funnels
Metal Working Machinery
Oil Dispensers and Bowsers
Oil Drainers
Parts Washers
Portable Sheet Metal Hand Tools
Pumps – Air-Operated, Electrically Operated, Pressure Test Type, Manual, Submersible
Safety Cans
Sprayers & Oil Cans
Trigger Nozzles
Vices & Vee Blocks
Waste Bins & Spill Control

If any accreditations or certifications for quality etc are listed on the site include them here.

On our web site you can download technical data and charts, search for products and take advantage of our special offers with up to 70% off. In addition you can now download our product catalogue.

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

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