Loma Systems
Head Office Sales & Manufacturing Southwood, Farnborough Hampshire
GU14 0NY United Kingdom

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Here at Loma Systems we specialise in the design & manufacture of metal detection, checkweighing & x-ray inspection systems.

Established in 1969 we have grown to become one of the leading brands for the design & manufacture of metal detectors, checkweighers & x-ray systems.

We have developed a reputation for ourselves in the industry for consistently providing high quality products & service. We are constantly researching & developing the latest technologies to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition.

Our product range includes:

Metal Detector Search Heads
Metal Detector Conveyors
PipeLine Metal Detectors
Vertical Fall (Gravity-Fed) Metal Detection
Pharmaceutical Metal Detector
Combination Metal Detection & Checkweigher Systems
Ultra-Light Weight Products
Light Weight Products
Mid-Range Weight Products
Heavy Weight Products
Super-Heavy Weight Products
DragLink Systems
X-ray Pumped Products
X-ray Bulk Products
& more

The industries we supply to include:

Packaging industries
& more

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