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Here at Tensar International, we specialise in mechanical ground stabilisation and technology-driven soil reinforcement.

We were established in 1983, as a joint enterprise between Gulf Canada, Netlon Ltd, and its owner Dr Brian Mercer. Nowadays, Tensar’s headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia, following the 2005 sale of the company. We have always been focused on innovation; Dr Brian Mercer was the inventor of the majority of technologies used in the manufacture of integrally formed oriented polymeric grid and mesh structures.

Our service range includes:

Ground Stabilisation and Subgrade Improvement
Pavement Optimisation
Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS)
Earth Retaining Walls and Slopes
Bridge Abutments
Steep Slopes
Control of Asphalt Cracking
Paved Roads and Paved Areas
Structural Improvement
Erosion Control Overview
Hydraulic Applications Seeding
Sediment Control
Track Ballast Reinforcement
Coastal Protection
Landfill Construction
Landfill Liner Support
Mining Roof and Wall Support
Sustainable Construction and Green Engineering, plus many more services.

We pride ourselves on quality and innovation, and as such are proud of the many awards we have won, including the NCE Innovation award at CIVILS 2007 and a gold medal at Autostrada 2008. We also have international approval from various companies, including Network Rail and the British Board of Agreement.

The industries we supply to include:

Utilities and energy
Waste and landfill
Marine and waterways
Roads and highways

Please visit our website, which features information on our services and products, history of our company and credentials, ‘find a distributor’ service, our news, and downloadable brochures and literature.

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