Stauff Anglia Ltd – Wymondham Norfolk

Stauff Anglia Ltd
Copper Smith Way, Wymondham Norfolk
NR18 0WY United Kingdom

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Who are We?
Stauff has been established in the UK since 1977 and by strategic product development and a customer focused service approach, has become a leading fluid power industry supplier. Growth was further achieved by developing strong ties within key regions of the UK. For more than 20 years, East Anglia has been one of those centres around which Stauff was able to develop it's experience and ability to service diverse specialist markets and applications.

Since the beginning of 2006, with it's sights firmly set on expanding the Stauff products and services in this important region, Stauff in East Anglia, became a separate business. Under the Stauff Anglia banner, the company owned and run by the former management and workforce, has taken the business forward strongly. There has been a focus on bringing in more of the Stauff service strengths, such as on site design and development along with stock management systems.

At the same time, new product offerings in the pipework field have ensured a wider customer base and a growth in single source supply partnerships for Stauff Anglia. All of this has provided a firm foundation for allowing the business to widen it's customer potential beyond the original East Anglia region. With it's expanded product range and specialist knowledge areas, Stauff Anglia now has the capability to service customers on a national basis and to compete for specific forms of export orders.

Our Support Experience:

Customer focused service | International brand product | Technical Support at all levels

Single source supply partnerships | On site design and development

Specialist product and expertise for:

Offshore and Marine | Fire prevention – sprinkler and fogging specialities | Agricultural applications

Food processing and hygiene systems | Chemical and process industries

A wider product range covering:

Hydraulic pipework | Flexible hoses for specialist applications | Steel and stainless steel tube and couplings

Filtration technology | Hydraulic accessories | Extreme high pressure hoses

Industrial pipework | Malleable fittings | Table flanges | 1387 tube

The Stauff Anglia team have hands on experience of dealing with all manner of customer problems, needs and specialist applications.
We can help you find the right solution whether it be a design special or sourcing an unusual component.

When it comes to pipework and component service and supply, we believe we have a great deal to offer.

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